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    Your Complete Solution for Pharmaceutical Services in a GMP Compliant Facility, Meeting all cGMP Requirements.

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    Umang Pharmaceuticals, Delivering a Diverse Range of Pharmaceutical Services with Almost 100 Pellet Products.

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    Every Product We Sell Comes With Our Guarantee of Quality

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    Umang's Transformation Into a Renowned Global Solution Provider, Specializing in its Field of Encapsulation

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Technologically advanced products with superior Service / Support is what our customers expect and receive from UPPL.
  • Mixing (RMG)

    The process of combining unprocessed raw materials into a uniform mixture in a high-shear mixer.

  • Extrusion

    It is a manufacturing technique that involves pushing materials through a die to produce continuous shapes with uniform cross sections.

  • Spheronization

    It is the process of mechanically agitating wet granules into spherical pellets for improved flow and compressibility.

  • Fluid bed drying & coating

    A technique for uniformly drying and coating solid particles by suspending them in a fluidized bed of air..

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    Umang global is more than and equipment manufacturer we stand behind every product we sell.

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    The pelletizing process for the production of pharmaceutical pellets - including extrusion and spheronization.

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    One machine for granulation, blending and extrusion and spheronization.

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