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  • New Facility :

    A fundamental understanding of the process, parameters, equipment and its maintenance maximises the productivity of your equipment.

    Our extensive program covers all key aspects of production. Our expert training instructors, qualified process scientists and maintenance and service technicians are available to you.

    The pelletizing process for the production of pharmaceutical pellets - including extrusion and spheronization, production of pellets by powder layering and liquid layering and pelletization via fluid bed coating and fluid bed granulation processes.

  • New Innovations :

    Machine + : One machine for granulation, blending and extrusion and spheronization. (batch sizes from 100 gms to 20 Kgs./ batch or more high throughput available on request)

    The centre of the Umang Pharmaceutical Systems services has developed small scale and R&D approach is Machine+. This innovative system provides a unique benefit to the Pharmaceutical Development industry, integrating a single Control Unit with a wide range of Process Modules like high shear mixing from 100 gms./batch capacity to 20 kgs./ batch, pelletizing, extrusion and spheronization.

    Pharmaceutical Pellets offer many additional features compared to conventional tablets. Umang Pharmaceutical Systems is able to offer all the typically used pelletization processes like mixing cum extrusion, screw extrusion, radial extrusion, pressure extrusion, basket extrusion, radial extrusion, cone extrusion, dome extrusion, die roller extrusion, etc. and assist with the selection of the process that best suits your needs and products, we at Umang pharmaceutical services have around 100 pellet products that we manufacture for sale to our customers, we not only give the machines, but the pellet technology and products with technology transfer too.

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