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Sugar Spheres

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Sugar Spheres

Segment : Neutral Spheres


Size : 100-200 μm, 200-355 μm, 350-500 μm, 500-710 μm, 700-1000 μm, 1000-1400 μm

Available Strength : 100%

Product Code : 01{confidential}

Featured Information On Sugar Spheres

Sugar spheres, also known as neutral pellets, dummy pellets, micro granules, or sugar beads, are a type of pharmaceutical excipient commonly used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. These small, perfect spherical sugar sphere particles consist primarily of sucrose and serve various purposes in manufacturing dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products.

Sugar spheres are ideal for a capsule, providing bulk to the formulation. Also, their small size and spherical shape facilitate uniform blending and mixing with other ingredients, ensuring homogeneity in the final product. This is particularly important when creating multi-component formulations, such as tablets or capsules containing multiple active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Furthermore, sugar spheres are generally considered safe for consumption, as sucrose is a well-known food ingredient with a long history of use. They are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and easily digestible. The Good sphericity of the Sugar spheres ensures even drug loading, thus increasing the uniformity of the drug loading and helping precisely for sustained or controlled release, minimum side effects, and over or under-dosing.

Small, spherical sugar spheres are produced using sucrose or other sugars. They are frequently employed in the pharmaceutical sector as a tool for drug delivery, particularly in the creation of medications with controlled release.

Typically, a sugar solution is atomized into tiny droplets and dried with hot air in a process known as spray-drying to produce sugar spheres. After that, the particles are sieved to obtain the desired size and density range.

Sugar spheres are useful in pharmaceutical applications because of their numerous distinctive characteristics. They can be easily incorporated into tablets and capsules as a filler or to help ensure the uniform distribution of active ingredients because they are typically safe and well-tolerated by the human body. They can be used in a variety of drug formulations because they are also inert and do not interact with other ingredients.

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Benefits of Sugar sphere

  • Low friability and high mechanical strength
  • Wide range of particle size fractions with perfect spherical shape and structure
  • Reduced risk of sudden dose dumping
  • Improved drug delivery and patient experience
  • Chemically and biologically inert
  • Allergen-free, Gluten-free
  • Biocompatible and digestible
  • Sugar sphere is odorless

Reasons to use Sugar sphere.

  • Customized Drug release profile
  • Uniform Drug Loading
  • Consistent Quality
  • Increased Drug stability
  • Total Compliance with EP, USP, IP
  • Outstanding Microbiological quality

Regulatory Information

  • CNS- No. 57-50-1
  • Total Compliance with EP, USP, IP.
  • BSE/TSE free
  • Allergen-free, Gluten free
  • Residual solvent free

Storage conditions:

  • Protect from excessive temperature
  • Protect from moisture
  • Protect from freezing
  • Re-evaluation 36 months from date of manufacturing

General properties related to Neutral Spheres


  • Controlled drug delivery
  • Improved drug stability
  • Improved drug absorption
  • Safe and well-tolerated


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Food Industry

Formats Available

  • Uncoated sugar spheres
  • Film-Coated sugar spheres
  • Enteric-coated sugar spheres
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